How safe you feel doing the thing determines the outcome of that thing

By Aimee | March 30, 2022

How safe you feel going to do a thing, and your thoughts and feelings behind doing that thing, is determined by your past experience of doing that thing, or similar. How did it go last time? Because this is what you’re expecting this time. And your expectation – what you’re expecting to happen and how […]

Don’t hire people to work for you. Hire people to work with you.

By Aimee | March 11, 2022

Don’t hire people to work for you. Hire people to work with you. This is especially true if you are hiring freelancers, contractors and other business owners or businesses. And it’s true when you’re hiring employees too. No matter how you’re bringing someone into the business you’re bringing them in to support you, so let them […]

3 unexpected things I didn’t expect from my healing

By Aimee | February 24, 2022

Healing. What does it even mean to be “healing”? What are we healing from? For me personally, healing has meant a mass-unbecoming all of the things I thought I “should” be, to exist on this Earth as a well-rounded, successful, fully-functioning, capable, dare-I-say-it perfect wife, friend, sister, daughter… It’s meant unbecoming all of the things […]

Whatever your reason was for hiring that coach, don’t make yourself wrong for it

By Aimee | February 20, 2022

I am smart at business.  I make smart business decisions.  I make smart decisions, period.  Every decision I make is smart,  and is always in alignment with  where I desire to go and  who I desire to be. A friend shared something with me the other day, something she’d heard her coach discuss, which was […]

It’s been 5 years since I became self-employed – happy anniversary to me

By Aimee | February 6, 2022

Facebook reminded me today that it’s been 5 years since I left my full-time employed role as an Executive Assistant and became self-employed. And approximately 2 months before the pandemic greatly impacted my business, I reshared the memory the first time, titling the post (a photo of the desk setup at the home I shared […]

You don’t need to flatter other women

By Aimee | September 30, 2021

You don’t need to flatter other women – to fawn. And, I understand why you think you do. And, I understand why you do it too. Let’s get into it… — I like to think I’m good at celebrating other women.  I remember making the decision a few years back that I would actively celebrate […]